84% of People Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

84% of People Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

Any more online reviews play a huge role in people’s purchase decision’s. Reviews are so influential that people will often overlook a good product just because it doesn’t have any reviews and they don’t want to take the risk. Sites such as Amazon, and other e-commerce websites, provide users the option to filter the products per average customer review rating and most customers consider it in their purchasing decision. When you think about it, It makes sense, because after waiting for 3-4 days to receive a product, nobody wants to receive a bad item.

Approximately 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, different studies have shown. And that is the exact reason why good reviews work like a charm. So what local business? Do people really pay attention to their reviews or do they just go to the top site of their search engine result page?

A study by the company BrightLocal showed that customers prefer a business that has an average rating of 3 stars. And if it is above three stars then the click through rates increase up to 25%. The more reviews a business has, the more customers they will get as people generally prefer businesses that other people like. Taking risks is not something we as humans like to do very often.

For local business owners, it is highly recommended that you try to get as many positive reviews as possible. Just remember this, 7 out of 10 happy customers will review the product or service when they are prompted to. However, very few businesses ask for reviews and the select few who do, reap all the benefits.

In the local business pages, reviews will not only help a business generate immediate trust among users, but they also look good to the eyes. And will cause and increased click-through rate, because your listing stands out from the crowd.

One study sites that as many as 91% customers read reviews while shopping online! Reviews are the number one thing that customers pay attention to when evaluating a local business or product. And get this 56% of customers say that pick out a business from the local pack based on the number of positive reviews they have.

Positive reviews will both help businesses that are in Googles local packs, and they help in organic searches because reviews are apart of the rich snippet.

If your product or service is great, then you are going to have happy customers, and happy customers are willing to take a couple of minutes out of their day to write a review. Just by getting a couple of positive reviews, they will drastically improve the bottom line of your business.

A very effective and easy way to generate more positive reviews is to use our new review program, Positive Client Reviews.

Quick Features of Positive Client Reviews:

• Earn genuine reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List, and 50+ other sites
• Positive reviews can be featured on your website
• Can ‘park’ the negative reviews
• Designed with mobile and tablets in mind so users can access it from any device
• More reviews means improved organic SEO rankings and Improved brand reputation

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