Top 3 Reasons to Add an FAQ Page to Your Website

Top 3 Reasons to Add an FAQ Page to Your Website

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When new visitors arrive on your website, chances are they will have questions. And because no business, no matter how unique, can operate in an unique way from other businesses, chances are that those questions will be pretty similar to commonly-asked questions of all businesses. People are interested in finding out up front how you handle things like shipping, returns, gift cards, and so on. But there are other great reasons to include an FAQ in your website design. Denver, CO business owners, could all benefit from including this page on any website right from the start. Here’s why:

  • Immediately address common customer concerns and fears with an FAQ. Your customers may have some concerns about trying out a new product or a new supplier that they haven’t worked with before. Giving them information up front helps them feel more comfortable about working with you.
  • Be ranked better by Google’s search algorithm. Did you know that an FAQ page is a great place to put keywords for your SEO? Not only are you educating your users, but you also have the opportunity for some natural keyword usage for the search engines. That is always a big plus for your visibility and growth.
  • Take back your time to focus on your business by eliminating certain customer service tasks. There are some things that can be automated, like answering the same questions that most of your new customers have. You can spend your time focusing on your business and products, and less time focusing on providing the same answers over and over.

Creating an FAQ Page is Easy

Website design for Denver, CO businesses is what we do best at OnlineMarketingMedia. FAQ pages are easy to create and only take a few quick steps. First, you’ll need to gather the questions and answers that you are most frequently asked, and determine how you want to organize them on the page. Then you’ll need to choose how to present the answers and make the page look nice! Be sure to consider social media sharing and SEO so that you can easily utilize this page on around the web, and always add your contact information in case a customer has questions you didn’t include.

If you are ready to get your FAQ up and running on your website, contact us today by calling 720-432-1736.

Brad Killgore

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