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Why WordPress Updates Are Critical To Your Website

WordPress started life way back in 2003. Back then, this humble Content Management System (CMS) was used primarily by bloggers to create simple and personal websites.

It was in 2008 when WordPress started to expand the repertoire of their program. Custom themes were now adopted and will set the stage for bigger things to come.

Nowadays, WordPress is no longer just for bloggers. The program has grown in sophistication, functionality, and is now known as one of the best customized CMS platforms for websites.

From large corporations, to small businesses, to personal websites, more and more people are choosing WordPress because of the program’s ease of use.

Want to get a gist of how popular WordPress is? According to a source, there are over 75 million websites using the WordPress platform. Which is a huge chunk considering that there are only about 170 million active websites around.

However, there are things you should watch out for especially with such a popular CMS tool like WordPress.

These issues go further beyond security. So, without further ado, let’s find out why you need to keep informed and always do WordPress updates

Why WordPress Updates Are Critical To Your Website

Always Be Secure

Remember when I said that most websites use WordPress? Well, there is a bit of a drawback when you are the most popular belle of the ball, so to speak.

Hackers often target the most used platforms on the Internet and are keen to exploit any weaknesses that WordPress may have.

If you are a small business, you may ask yourself, “Who in the world would want to hack me?” Well, you might be surprised that even small companies get hacked quite often.

Take the case of Ken Taylor from the Sydney Herald, his restaurant system got hacked all because he visited some bogus website.

That simple act will probably cost him thousands of dollars just to hire security experts to help fix his problem.

If you think that this is just an isolated incident, then you might have to think again. According to a study, 43% of hacking attacks target small businesses.

And if you are a large business? Well, it’s pretty much the same. It seems like whenever there is a financial opportunity; hackers are always looking to cash in.

Having WordPress updates is one of the right ways you can ensure that your website will be tough to hack. WordPress has many users and hackers, which is why they always release security patches to fix specific vulnerabilities.

You Need That Speed

Technology is pacing at an incredibly fast rate,and the Internet always comes along with the frenetic ride. Unfortunately, if you fail to do WordPress updates, your site can be left in the dust.

While this may seem like a minor problem, believe me when I say that the consumers won’t agree with you. According to studies, 47% of consumers expect a website to load in two seconds or less.

According to the same source, 79% of consumers won’t buy again from a website that has problems. That’s a significant chunk of customers who could have been regulars if only your site loaded just a measly 4-5 seconds earlier. Ouch!

WordPress updates can have patches that keep your website in tiptop shape and would be better prepared for any new technology out there.

Always Have Compatibility

Plug-ins are one of the greatest things that make WordPress easy to use as well as powerful.

However, sometimes you need to update plug-ins regularly to ensure that new versions will always be compatible. You need to do WordPress updates to avoid freeze-ups and crashes.

Updates Make It Easier For You

One of the biggest things that updates try to address is bug fixes. Bugs are a bit common when it comes to WordPress, this is because a lot of plug-ins are available for download and it can cause you some problems. Best way to avoid this is by updating your WordPress constantly

Another benefit of keeping your WordPress updated is you get to have access to new features.

A lot of new features from WordPress make the interface easier to navigate as well as ease in adding new stuff. Every version gets better and better so you should definitely keep an eye on that.

Woah, hold your horses!

Before you just click that update button, know first some of the things that could happen.

Sometimes updating your WordPress can cause your website to freeze or even worse, crash! Hopefully, you won’t have any critical data that could get lost.

If you need some professional help with updating your WordPress, check out our services. We can update your Website safely with our security and safe back up service.

Do Update Today!

Updating your WordPress is just as important as making your website look good. Your WordPress is your engine that ensures that your site is running smoothly and working for you 24/7. So check if you have the latest version of WordPress right now!





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