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Top 3 Latest Facebook Updates That Are Not Only Useful But, Also Interesting

Facebook is continually trying to create new updates so that its users have a better experience and advertisers can get more benefits from their platform. Recently, Facebook rolled out some cool and useful new Facebook updates for any Denver business. You can check them out here:

1. Video Cover Images

To really help businesses catch the eye of their followers Facebook has brought on video-format cover images. This awesome update is still in the process of rolling out worldwide.

To Create your own Cover Video here are the requirements:

• The length of the cover video has to be between 20-90 seconds.
• The size of the video has to be 820 pixels by 462 pixels.
• It needs to be on auto-play and auto-loop.
• Any page admin can upload the video just like they would a cover image.

2. Audience Optimization to Control Who Can See Posts

Through the audience, optimization took businesses are now about to optimize your viewer’s list. Through this, you can select your preferred audience to see your post as well as setting and audience restriction if there are certain viewers you don’t want to see your post.

This is one way to reach out to your target audience. Just select the interests, business, and industry that pertain to your post. The audience optimization tool is automatically activated when your business page passes more than 5,000 likes.  When your page has fewer likes than that, you need to manually activate the tool.

Follow This Steps To Activate The Audience Optimization Tool

• Go to “Settings” (top at the right corner) and click on “General”.
• In “General” you will see the option for “Audience Optimization for Post”
• Click on “Edit” and check the box to activate the tool.
• Now, save the changes by clicking on Save button.

3. Ask Questions To The New Entry In Your Facebook Group

Facebook now has the option for the admin of a Facebook group to where they can create up to three questions for users to answer who are seeking to join the group. This new feature will help the admin to identify potential members of the group and ensure they are not spammers and that they are genuine and correct fit for the group.

Only, the admin and the moderator of the page can see the questions and answers and no answers will be public to the group.

This new feature is a real help to the people who are managing a popular and reputed business group. With this you will get to know the member’s interest and expectations, so you can discuss on matters which they are interested in.

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