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The Importance of LinkedIn For Your Business

What is LinkedIn?

If you’re thinking of going digital with your advertising, most marketing strategists will up-front recommend putting your company page on Facebook. Indeed, it makes sense because billions of people view content and spend hours on the gigantic social media network.

However, wise marketers will tell you to put your company profile on professional social network LinkedIn. As its description tells us, LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and businesses to network with each other.

True enough, having your profile on LinkedIn helps improve your campaigns effectively. For example, cloud-based security firm Duo Security increased its qualified leads by 239% by using LinkedIn. How they did this: they offered free content in exchange for contact information from prospects.

However, you can say that anyone can do the same strategy in their website. However, LinkedIn links your company and your personal brand together. Therefore, if your brand is influential, so will your personal professional profile be.

As of August 2018, LinkedIn has over 562 million users with over 106 million unique monthly visitors in each previous year. This proves that having your business in LinkedIn is a huge boon when it comes to gaining better and qualified leads.

Why Should Your Business use LinkedIn?

  • Create Real and Important Connections

LinkedIn contains personal profiles of professionals all over the world. If you expected to see resume-style biographies instead of the usual scrapbook-style social media profile, then you’re correct.

True enough, many company HRs from different companies spend time leafing through profiles of local professionals that are suitable for vacancies in their business. In addition, business-to-business (B2B) companies find LinkedIn the best way to approach clients and build their leads.

However, LinkedIn’s secret is its common denominator with Facebook: it can create real and important personal connections. For example, you can send a letter of interest to work with clients. However, on LinkedIn, you can send a message, and both parties can remain casual and professional at the same time.

This “casualness” of online conversation similar to social networks creates a personal and important experience that strengthens bonds between two professionals or two businesses.

  • Publish Original ‘Short’ Content

Facebook is a great way to build reach. True enough, a one-week pay-per-click advertising campaign is enough to get hundreds of thousands of impressions and possible leads. However, you get a huge variety of leads who are likely uncertain about converting to your products or services.

Content is the best way to persuade individuals to consider trusting your brand. However, Facebook text content gets limited views. While video goes a long way on Facebook, no company can create videos with in-depth content on a regular basis.

LinkedIn has a special blog-type posting feature that allows you to post content from your company page or your professional profile page. In here, you can post free snippets of your case studies and link them to the full published study on your website (and generate bonus site traffic). Additionally, you can post personal blog posts about your opinions or takes on the industry.

  • Host Webinars and Real-Life Authority-Building Seminars

Similar to Facebook, you can publish advertisements about your upcoming webinars or real-life events you’re hosting in various locations. However, on Facebook, you get a huge variety of individuals who are teetering upon going to your event or skipping it.

On LinkedIn, interested professionals will see whether your webinars or real-life seminars have professional value. While it makes the webinar tough to create because you need in-depth content and groundbreaking research, you definitely get qualified leads. In addition, these audiences become strong connections over time too.

  • Find Your Ideal Clients

As we mentioned earlier, Facebook has billions of users. However, these also include individuals who are only half-hearted in liking a particular industry. For example, a person might tag “cars” as their interest. However, they’re only interested in seeing car photos rather than having interest in car modifications, which for example your company manufactures and sells as a service.

In LinkedIn, you get tags and demographics that allow you to get ideal clients. Therefore, you can say all your pay-per-click advertising in LinkedIn pays off greatly especially if you have well-researched, value-adding content to advertise to your potential leads.

  • Create Value For People Outside Your Social Network

The best thing about LinkedIn is you can post written, video, or audio content. In addition, you can make these content public. Furthermore, you can attract an audience not in LinkedIn and add value to them by providing insider knowledge.

In turn, you increase your potential leads through these public-access content. True enough, LinkedIn is a social network that highly values good content and gives it avenues to shine and gain a good audience volume.

  • Get Referrals From Former Clients and Partners

If you gave a client excellent business, then you can encourage them to do a review and post it in famous online listings, such as your Yelp or Bing profiles. In addition, having them do a review in LinkedIn will bolster your professional company reputation immensely.

Many ex-employees who had great relationships with their former companies get great recommendations from former co-workers and superiors in LinkedIn. Therefore, it allows them to convince potential readers about their convincing talents and reliability.

True enough, this gives companies with a LinkedIn profile optimum advantage in potentially meeting clients and building new networks through recommendations, reviews, and referrals.

  • Bonus: Use Sponsored Posts for Bigger Outreach

The power of LinkedIn’s sponsored posts is truly undeniable. While companies might spend a bit to use its excellent precision advertising, LinkedIn’s PPC feature returns qualified leads. In fact, it was a cornerstone of Duo Security’s method that increased its qualified leads by 239%.

Try it out once to build site traffic and build your networks thereafter. In fact, you can use it whenever you need to generate leads when organic methods fail to perform adequately.

Time to Join LinkedIn and Generate More Leads!

After seeing all the advantages of the free LinkedIn membership we listed here, it is truly a great time to sign up and create your first LinkedIn professional personal or company profile today. With the site growing steadily and upwards yearly, it is best to use this tool to your marketing advantage.

Brad Killgore

Brad Killgore is based in Denver Colorado. Brad is an online marketer, author, speaker and trainer. His expertise is in Wordpress Development, SEO, Lead Generation, and Paid Advertising. His main goal in life is to help others and have fun in the process.