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Future Proof Your Business With The Hottest Online Marketing Tools

There is no denying it, the internet has forever changed the ways businesses sell to customers. The truth is, nearly all companies are realizing the marketing potential of the online world. One might even say that the internet is the biggest marketing opportunity for sellers since the early days of print ads and TV commercials. It is truly remarkable how a few decades could drastically change the way we live.

However, while this mammoth opportunity is a blessing, it is also one which is quite complicated. Technology is changing at a rapid rate and so will a lot of your online marketing avenues. SEO techniques that work amazing just a few years ago may be out-dated and ineffective today.

Popular social media sites could become ghost towns in a year or so. A lot of popular blog sites are practically non-existent nowadays. Such is the fragility of online trends, one minute it’s the buzzword the next it becomes a mere afterthought.

Good marketers know this fact and know that you need to be always one step ahead of the game. Marketing techniques in the online space is an ever-evolving fact that requires accurately predicting which trends are going to go big in the next few months.

However, this isn’t going to be a simple case of guesswork, there must be some statistical data to better predict which online marketing tools you should be focusing on in the next few years. Here are some of those tools that are predicted to boom by next year and beyond.

1. Think Voice Search

Some people think voice search is ridiculous, I mean is it so hard to just type things? Well, apparently a lot of people don’t think that voice search is so ridiculous after all.

This is because despite all the convenience in the world, people still wan’t to push for more speed. And unless AI can start answering our thoughts, voice search remains our fastest means to search for answers online.According to Comscore, by the time 2020 rolls around, an astounding 50% of all online searches will be voice searches.

That’s a huge number and should be given attention. So what does this mean for your business? Well, unlike regular Google searches where customers can see lots of results, voice searches will only give a few answers to queries. So if you think that it is important to have a high SEO ranking in Google, wait till the rise of voice search takes this up a notch.

There are various way that you can start preparing for the future of voice search. Voice search is said to focus on local areas along with high search engine placement. So try to be visible in places like Yelp, Bing places, and Facebook pages. Fortify your SEO and Siri and the likes will be singing your praises in no time.

2. The Rise of Chatbots

While chatbots can be downright creepy, the fact of the matter is people are starting to adopt the technology so well. A few years ago, chatbots were crude and pretty much useless. Fast forward, and we have chatbots that can effectively help people buy groceries, order food, or even call a cab.

We Chat, the largest messenger app in the world, has invested millions in chatbot technology. Other large non-tech companies like Bank of America are expected to follow suit. The reason is simple: Chatbots are becoming more and more advanced and effective (faster response rate) while also being extremely cheaper to maintain. According to Forbes, chatbots will save up to 8.8 Billion annually in 2020.

3. AR and VR are the next big thing

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality seemed like Sci-Fi staples just decades ago. Now those are fast becoming widely adopted online marketing tools. According to PRNewswire, the AI and VR industry are going to be a 94.4 billion dollar business by 2023.

So how will this apply to marketers? Well, AR and VR are going to change how we consume our entertainment. A lot of people are going to be watching movies, TV shows, sporting events, and concerts through VR. AR is going to change how we interact with stores. The hit game “Pokemon Go” has already shown the world the potential of AR, imagine if we start using it with brand promotions and fan interaction.

There is already a service that you can purchase where you can watch a sporting event with court side views or from the perspective of players while in the comfort of your own home. If this catches on, then there could be a much bigger avenue for online ads aside from TV or arena spots. The possibilities are just endless with virtualand augmented reality.

Definitely, a game changer to watch out for.

4. No stopping social media

To those heavily invested in social media and are worried if it is fizzling out may breathe a sigh of relief. According to Hootsuite, social media is growing at a steady pace and data shows no slowing down. This is especially true for the rest of the world, where social media is adopting new users at a blistering pace.

This also means that you have to watch out for trends on how people take their content. For example, a study shows that in 2018, more people are paying more attention (about 5 seconds more) to video content than static ones. So you might want to bulk up on making entertaining and informational videos going forward.

Original content is also king when it comes to grabbing people’s attention. Gone are the days when you can just keep spamming and sharing posts on social media. Getting more unique on social media will become more and more of a factor as time goes by.

5. Google Adwords continues to evolve

The Pay Per Click (PPC) model that Google popularized is going to get even more in-depth and bigger in the coming years. Google has been evolving its advertising model to reach more customers into even more specific phases of their buying stages. Ad placements will become more targeted even by today’s standards and marketers would be wise to invest a lot in Google Adwords in the next few years.

The future of online marketing tools

With all the changing technologies and fads sprouting and going, the future of online marketing is quite tricky. However, if you harness the power of data and create a sound strategy, then the marketing potential is quite limitless. With all these great marketing tips, you won’t be left behind by the competition!

Brad Killgore

Brad Killgore is based in Denver Colorado. Brad is an online marketer, author, speaker and trainer. His expertise is in Wordpress Development, SEO, Lead Generation, and Paid Advertising. His main goal in life is to help others and have fun in the process.