Merging Online and Offline Marketing Strategies This 2019

Merging Online and Offline Marketing Strategies In 2019

Merging online and offline marketing efforts maximizes your efforts effectively

In this world, both digital and offline worlds combine. Therefore, it makes sense to make the brand’s personality, branding, aesthetics, and other aspects similar in both marketing realms.

True enough, offline marketing budgets take more budget than its digital counterpart. However, both campaigns can supplement each other’s capabilities if marketers execute them effectively.

Customers get a sense of trust and cohesion brand-wise

Today, audiences can see you through your social media page or find out about you through an offline promotion. If your product colors differed online, it will confuse audiences. In fact, they might think there are two brands with the same name.

Therefore, combining both online and offline marketing creates a sense of trust, focus, and overall authority for customers. True enough, cohesion is important if you want to improve your brand.

Maximizing Marketing Efforts Through Online and Offline Means

Online Call to Action for Offline Marketing Efforts

Call to action (CTA) messages encourages audiences to take action. It is a subtle suggestion that may push them to try or purchase a product. If you have an offline event coming up, you can use online marketing to advertise this online. In turn, you might see a higher number of audiences turn up at your offline event.

Similarly, you can use offline campaigns to improve your online presence. You can ask people to meet and greet the heart-wrenching short film your social media account or webpage featured in an offline event on a specific date. Make sure you create only the best CTAs online and offline all the time.

Use Digital Data to Determine Offline Consumer Behavior

People who visit your social media page, website, and other online avenues are the same individuals who will visit your store. Using online tracking tools, you can take note of their online behavior and use it to your advantage to predict their offline behavior if they visit your store.

True enough, you’ll see some similarities between your customers in most cases. In this light, you can create proactive offline employee practices to improve the customers’ experience, which can encourage them to buy.

Encourage User-Generated Content Offline

Online promotions make it easy for huge customer volumes to join. Meanwhile, offline promotions are quite tedious but rewarding if many will join.

How can you encourage more people to do so? Simple: give a prize for the people who take a photo with the product the best way possible. Any creative incentive is vital.

Why do this? User-generated offline content often finds its way online. By using a branded hashtag, you get free promotions and convincing customer-made messages that encourage others to join or even trust your brand in turn.

Track All Data Accurately and Effectively

Every website is an asset you own. These digital possessions provide highly accurate measurements of audience behavior. If you’ve imagined observing every single window shopper, almost-shopper, and actual shopper’s behavior in an offline shop branch you have, websites make it possible.

Data gives you insight on customer behavior, which helps you increase potential for conversions and eventual lead possession. In fact, by using promotions to lead customers to your website for behavior tracking, you can know more about every customer type your shop attracts. So, make sure to track all data offline and online accurately.

Online and Offline Ad Design Consistency

As I mentioned earlier, it pays to have your aesthetics consistent because it breeds trust and authority. Use the same logo you use for online and offline activities. Every aspect of your business offline should reflect in every type of content, promotion, and other elements in your online campaigns.

Ensuring Offline to Online Advertising Transition is Done Properly

Offline to online advertising is a common practice nowadays. Most brands will provide a code snippet as a raffle entry. Then, customers need to log the number into a web page to claim their prize.

Make sure the offline to online advertising or promotional transition flows smoothly. The landing page must be easy to navigate, answer every audiences’ possible question, and never have any downtimes if possible.


Offline and online marketing strategies are vital to each other’s success. Make sure to always keep them in top shape to improve your marketing reach and overall business growth.

Brad Killgore

Brad Killgore is based in Denver Colorado. Brad is an online marketer, author, speaker and trainer. His expertise is in Wordpress Development, SEO, Lead Generation, and Paid Advertising. His main goal in life is to help others and have fun in the process.