Steps for Effective Social Media Marketing

Steps for Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is different from other types of marketing. When developing your social media marketing plan in Denver, don’t forget the basics.

1. Encourage interaction. Social media marketing is all about interaction. Think of it as being at a party with someone you like—you want to keep the conversation flowing. The last thing you want is to talk only about yourself, because the other person will get bored and leave. Social media marketing is a bilateral marketing method, whereby you and you audience—your customers—are engaged in an ongoing conversation. Encourage interaction by asking questions and responding to customer feedback immediately on all platforms.

2. Decide first which platforms are right for your company. You don’t need to be on every social media platform. In fact, spreading yourself too thin could be disastrous because you might end up with a Tumblr account that is not being regularly updated—which looks bad. Choose a few core platforms and update them as regularly as possible.

3. Schedule posts. Effective social media marketing is all about timing and regularity. It’s better to have posts scheduled with the help of software because then the content will stream at different times of the day and on different days of the week to reach a wider audience irrespective of time zone and lifestyle.

4. Use multimedia! No matter what your business, there are always ways you can include more videos, images, and links. Variety is the spice of social media marketing.

5. Maintain a cohesive voice. One of the problems some companies encounter is a lack of consistency among their social media marketing platforms, and a lack of cohesion with other elements of the marketing mix. Make sure your social media marketing has a voice that is consistent across platforms so your brand identity remains tight.

Brad Killgore

Brad Killgore is based in Denver Colorado. Brad is an online marketer, author, speaker and trainer. His expertise is in Wordpress Development, SEO, Lead Generation, and Paid Advertising. His main goal in life is to help others and have fun in the process.