How to Use PPC for Voice Search Testing

How to Use PPC for Voice Search Testing

Google reports that 20 percent of mobile searches on Android phones are voice searches. The usage spans all generations, making this an untapped well of marketing opportunities. To test this new tool for your products and services, consider a small market test for pay per click in Denver, CO.

Why You Should Embrace a PPC Test

PPC as a tool for testing voice search yields more detailed reporting with additional layers. Even a micro-budget of $50 to $100 can lead to increased insights into your market demographics. So, it’s well worth exploring

Voice Search versus Text Search

Voice search typically includes longer query strings. People also tend to use natural language more when speaking and phrase searches as questions. Also, natural language provides clearer user intent, increasing the marketing value of this information. Voice search has a big impact on listings by third parties and is a gold mine for local businesses that can pop up in search results.

Using Voice Search in Your Denver, CO Pay Per Click Campaign

Start by understanding the longer tail at the end of most voice searches. By finding inquiries framed as natural language, you gain a better understanding of your target audience’s intentions in the search. Research how your audience uses natural language in written or spoken form in their interaction to figure out how they reveal their intent, a vital component to successful online marketing.

Drawing Valuable Conclusions

The goal is to identify keywords missing in your current online marketing and content. Organizing the expanded keyword list by intent helps you provide meaningful content that drives your audience to your product page.

Excel is an excellent tool to use with a keyword tool you are comfortable with. This step yields a list of things your audience is searching for and reveals keywords on your old list that aren’t meaningful to your prospective clientele.

Time to Start Your Optimization Campaigns

To take advantage of your new insights, you have to plan optimizations using a Denver, CO pay per click account in conjunction with NAP listings and a Schema markup. See what shows up for this keyword strings in voice platforms that use visual interfaces, such as Digital Personal Assistants and Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Narrow your PPC campaigns using the results of your research as a guide. Adjustments should include relevant insights based on gender, age and device used for the voice search.

Improving Your Ads

The goal is to have the best answers for what your audience is searching for. Make sure those answers show up at the right place and time. To do so, you have to rearrange your ad content to make it relevant to the types of voice queries your audience is using.

To create compelling digital content that drives more clients to your page, trust Online Marketing Media to provide the insights you need to stay on top of the latest technology and SEO trends.

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