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Tool to help prepare for Google’s new mobile first index


Within the next couple of months, Google is going to roll out its mobile first index. This new roll out will only be a problem for sites that have not opted for a mobile responsive website. If this is the first time that you are hearing about “Mobile first index” then what it means is that the search listings that Google will create and rank are based on the mobile version of your content.

Normally Google does not openly discuss upcoming algorithm changes. This time though they are doing everything they can to inform people about the major shift. John Muller recently said that those who are going to get impacted by the shift will receive warning and guidelines within their Google Search Console accounts so that they can resolve the issues before the changes take place.

“We will inform people when we get closer when we actually have a date, so there is sufficient time for people to kind of resolve issues that they may need to resolve.”

He also said that they will also try and inform sites when we recognize issues. If they recognize that your mobile version has a problem then they try and let you about it.  You will get this notification through the Search Console, so that you are aware of the issues and have time to resolve them.

To help with all of this, Google has also introduced so that you can check the mobile friendliness of your website.

Check it out here:

Make sure you  maximize the use of this tool by entering the URL from your website. From there it will show the mobile friendliness of your site. You can also have them send you reports stating what you can work on. And not only that, but it also provides you with ideas on how to improve it.

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