How Do Pay Per Click Ads Work?

How Do Pay Per Click Ads Work?

Are you familiar with the term PPC ad? It means Pay Per Click advertising and is one of the most commonly used forms of online marketing. Naturally, not everyone understands how the ads work (apart from being clicked!). Let’s take a bit of time to discover how this form of paid advertising works and help you determine if it is a good fit for your goals.

The Mechanics of PPC

So, how exactly does a Pay Per Click ad operate? Essentially, it is an ad in which you, as the advertiser, pay a few whenever someone clicks on the advertisement. In essence, it is a way to purchase traffic to visit your site. It is not the same as organic traffic that visits specific pages based on things like links in blogs or backlinks from other sites.

Getting the Clicks

Of course, there is also the matter of how the PPC ads appear where they do and what it costs. To keep it as simple as possible, most buyers will bid for the placement of their ads within a search engine’s (i.e, Google’s) sponsored links section of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). As an example, you pay for your ad to appear when someone types in a specific collection of words in a search engine, such as organic chocolate brownies. If you paid for those terms, your ad appears at the top of the SERP, and if it is clicked, you pay a fee and are likely to get a lead or sale out of it.

Is It Worth It?

Most of the time, you will opt for a PPC ad once you have done a lot of keyword research and discovered which terms are the most competitive and likely to generate buying traffic. As a simple illustration, the terms above might cost you something like $2 per click, but that click could lead to a $30 or more sale each time. That is a nominal fee against the potential for profit and return business.

Getting Started

Naturally, you have to have well-written ads and the right terms. That is where expert help is essential to your Pay Per Click success. If you are eager to see what this approach to marketing has to offer to your Denver, CO business, get in touch with Online Marketing Media and discuss all of your online marketing, PPC, and other goals.

Brad Killgore

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