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4 Tips to Get Your Denver Business to Show Up in Google

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Google recently made a change to the number of business shown during a search from a 7-pack, to a 3-pack, and this has had a major impact on local SEO. Many businesses had a hard time getting featured when there were seven spots available. Now getting your Denver business into one of the top three spots can seem like rocket science. The good news is that you don’t need a rocket scientist to figure it out.

However, it does take knowledge, time, and skill to get it done. Today, the most targeted type of marketing known is being able to be seen by local consumers in the same moment as they are searching for your type of service or product. But getting there can be tricky unless you know what you are doing.

To help, here are four tips to get you going down the right path:

1. Citations- Get more of them! Denver Business Google search

When it comes to ranking your Denver business, Google pays close attention to how often other sources mention your businesses name. What this means is that it looks for “citations” to validate your business. A citation is a mention of your business name along with another piece of business information anywhere on the web – with OR without a link back to your website.
The other pieces of information could be your physical address, phone number, or website URL – combined or individual. For it to count as a citation, the information has to be an EXACT match to the same information that you have listed on your Google My Business listing.
Having citations help prove to the different search engines, like Google, that your company is real; therefore, the more of them you have from quality sources, the better your business will rank.

2. Fill out your Google My Business page for your Denver business- completely AND properly

The first thing to do it to claim your business if you have not done so already.
After your business has been claimed, the next step is to fill out all of the important information about your company, so that your profile is 100% complete.

  1. Add the exact same address that you have listed on your website, in the exact same way.
  2. Make sure your phone number is listed
  3. Create a unique description that is formatted correctly and includes links. Try and make it longer than just a sentence or two.
  4. Choose all of the categories that apply to your business
  5. Upload a photo that is high resolution, for your profile image and cover photo

3. Add lots of photos

It’s no secret that any consumer loves to look at photos. The more, high-quality images you have on your profile on your different listings, the more you will stand out to potential customers. This goes farther than just Google; recently Yelp published advice on how to optimize your business listings, claiming that photos make a HUGE difference. It even goes as far as stating that consumers, in general, spent 2.5 times more of their time on a listing that has featured photos, according to research from Review Trackers.

4. Get as many positive reviews as possible

Reviews are very important! They play a huge part in getting people to notice your business online these days. Consumers love to read reviews as well as write reviews about businesses. Google has taken note of this and wants to promote the top local Denver businesses. What better way to determine who those businesses are than through positive user reviews? To improve your rankings, encourage your customers to leave positive reviews whenever possible.

Being able to get your business to show up in Google’s 3-pack is a lot harder than it was with the 7-pack; obviously, because there are fewer spots. The tips above will help, but going forward, you will need to continually keep yourself updated with local search changes and make sure that all of your company’s information is listed correctly. Not only that but also strategically use categories and place keywords within your profile to give it strength.

Brad Killgore

Brad Killgore is based in Denver Colorado. Brad is an online marketer, author, speaker and trainer. His expertise is in Wordpress Development, SEO, Lead Generation, and Paid Advertising. His main goal in life is to help others and have fun in the process.