Digital Campaign Tips: The Importance of Newsletters

Digital Campaign Tips: The Importance of Newsletters

True enough, asking people to sign up for your newsletter is difficult. However, value-adding content can make a free newsletter subscription seem worth it to your audience.

In the last few years, many marketers said email marketing has died in the wake of social networks and chat replacing the typical lines of Internet communication. However, with huge numbers of people transitioning from laptops to smartphones, email marketing has made a comeback and is here to stay with digital campaigns indefinitely.

With the rise of email marketing, newsletters made a comeback too. Many notable companies have used newsletters to increase their page views and conversion potential.

One notable example is Buzzfeed’s “BuzzFeed Today” newsletter. While it is the typical newsletter look, it accentuates on different topic categories with eye-catching headlines and interesting content. It got them about one million new subscribers yearly according to an estimate in 2015.

Another remarkable email newsletter is energy drink RedBull’s email newsletter to its subscribers. With a focus on putting their best content on top and making them stand out with an effective layout, the company gets hundreds of thousands of views per month.

True enough, this is sufficient reason to use newsletters to your advantage. However, there’s one major obstacle to overcome: how do you get people to sign up?

Offer An Easy To Produce Product With Great Value

What is an easy-to-produce product? Of course, it isn’t the products your business means to sell. One good example is videogames.

When they’re about to launch new games within the year, many videogame retailers will offer their online game with a really huge discount. Sometimes, they even offer it free of charge. In exchange, claimants must sign up for an account to their service. In turn, they get leads where they can present additional in-game content that will urge customers to spend.

This particular format is useful in email newsletter marketing. By giving something of great value to customers in exchange for information, they will consider heavily signing up for your newsletter.

If you’re finding it difficult to find an easy-to-produce product, you can offer the following:

  • An ebook that solves your market’s biggest pain points
  • Product discounts
  • Free first month of service (if you’re a software-as-a-service business like Netflix or Spotify)
  • Product online demo
  • Limited edition items (which can be a bit expensive but is great if you can handle it)

The Benefits of Newsletters for Brands

Now that you understand the helpfulness of newsletter campaigns and effectively urging customers to sign up for your listing, then you’ll earn the following benefits we listed here.

  • Improve Your Brand’s Awareness

In the past, people will revisit sites to find new, updated content. However, this is tedious, and the lack of new and interesting content can increase the likelihood of bounce rate and site disloyalty.

Newsletters give your subscribers enough brand information. In turn, it creates an awareness about your current offerings, the business’ overall brand personality, and how to buy or what to expect from your products.

In this way, people recall more that you were selling a useful product, which improves brand awareness in the process.

  • Brand Positioning

Your website makes the first impression on most of your customers. True enough, majority of customers investigate brands and form an impression of your business. Newsletters come handy when it comes to helping your business differentiate itself.

Most customers stick with businesses that help them learn new things or add value to their knowledge. Therefore, newsletters and the content you select help you position you brand and improve your respective characteristic especially when customers compare you to other businesses in the same industry.

  • Inform Clients of Your Other Products or Older Content

Often, your old website content doesn’t get much views as your new content. This is true especially if you’ve rehashed your content production style recently.

To make sure your old content get more views, update their information and data. In fact, do in-depth research into the former topic and dig up supporting data to add better value to the old content. Then, you can include them as a main feature or a sub-topic in your email newsletter.

In the same vein, you can present other less-viewed products from your roster in your newsletters. Doing this helps your clients know you are selling other products and helps urge them to do more business with you.

  • Adding Value to Prospective Customers

As we mentioned earlier, subscribers will pick out quality content from your handpicked list. Getting a feel that your company aims to help and educate, customers will keep their subscription with your content.

In turn, you can demonstrate your expertise by backing it with in-depth research and analysis, effective content presentation, and partnerships with high-authority businesses and organizations involved in your product or service research.

  • Contact List Development

With more newsletter subscribers, you have more listings to find qualified leads. A consistently-consuming newsletter subscriber is a viable target for purchases.

One strategy to expand your contact list through newsletters is identifying these consistent subscribers, giving them discounts and an excellent brand experience through your products and service, and finally asking them to refer other customers

True enough, you can create affiliate programs tied with your newsletters to push your referrals further. However, if these customers had a splendid brand experience, they might refer your business to others just for this reason alone.

Get Your Newsletters Ready to Go and See Your Conversions Improve!

With emails getting more attention thanks to smartphones, newsletter marketing is still a big, important thing for digital marketing campaigns. Therefore, with all the successful newsletter campaigns and benefits you can receive from a successful newsletter campaign, there is no reason not to use it to further improve your conversion rates.

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